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Our "STREAM" link takes you to a small playlist file that contains the address of the actual MP3 file. AOL 6.0 includes the AOL Media Player, a subset of the functionality of WinAmp, that is configured in such a proprietary way as to not understand this convention. You have two choices:

1) Click on the "SAVE" link instead.
AOL Media Player will download and play the file for you like the other link should. You'll have to right-click this link and choose "Save Target as..." if you want to actually save the file to disk.

2) Disable AOL Media Player and use another Media Player
To disable AOL Media Player, do the following:
Click on "Settings" in the AOL Toolbar.
Choose "Preferences" from the menu.
Click on the "Multimedia" link.
Uncheck "Use AOL Media Player for supported file types"
Click "Save"

If you already have another Media Player (WinAmp, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, etc.) installed, it should now work normally. If not, you can install one now or update an older version.

To install, choose a preference from one of the links at the bottom of each Demo page playlist.

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