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At Automotive Broadcast Specialists, we believe that fresh, imaginative concepts are as essential to your success as shrewd, targeted planning.

And we make it easy for you - no contracts, no commitments.


ABS works because our people make it work. New requirements and new challenges in marketing aren't solved with structure; process or even great plans alone. At the core of ABS are people who see and believe in a different approach united by our singular vision. One vision, one culture, one business objective together in one company to answer the new challenges and requirements of marketing.

      One Goal in Mind . . .

Automotive Broadcast Specialists was founded with one goal:
Create attention-grabbing, traffic-generating, market-dominating automotive advertising for automobile dealerships across the country

And we make it easy for you - no contracts, no commitments.
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Whatever you need to help your store sell more cars...

ABS Media Department . . .

Our media personnel are skilled negotiators and knowledgeable buyers. They consistently maximize advertising dollars in all media. Speed, flexibility and resources allow them to respond to immediate changes in a client's market. The most effective buys are crafted after thorough research and several "what if" sessions. We approach the planning process with, "If this were my business, here's how I would spend my advertising dollars". This process provides our clients with a complete media plan. Because we work in a building process of doing one media well before adding another we have a positioned growth plan ready so we can capitalize on any changes in the market climate.

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                                        The ABS Process . . .
We work with you to determine needs, goals and possibilities. Then our creative strategists combine advertising and marketing to make the most efficient use of your available dollars, taking into consideration the need for short-term results, long-term growth and establishment of a powerful and lasting image and position in the market. From concept through creation to completion, we do it all. Track and monitor your results, and plan accordingly for the long-term. Every business is in a unique position in terms of its growth and evolution in the marketplace.
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